Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Can Church and State Truly be Separated?

I like to try to reason things out before going with the flow about different things. Sometimes I might miss an important part of the picture and reach a wrong conclusion. However, I cannot see any other conclusion about this issue than the one I am about to present.

Can we actually separate Church and State?
The answer depends on which political party you belong.
  • If you are a Republican: the answer is no; Church and State were never meant to be separated and it is not stated in the constitution.
  • If you are a Democrat: the answer is yes; the constitution declares Church and State shall be separate.
Who is right? Let us take an impartial glance at this vital issue.

When we talk about Church, take note that we are talking about Christianity as it is the only religion called the Church. The State of course is the American government. The reason we say America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles is that Judaism is the only religion that shares the same Old Testament Scriptures (values) as Christianity.

The majority of Americans claim to be Christian and therefore, belong to the Church. Likewise, since these Christians are Americans they also belong to the State. The Christian's first duty is to God (Church). Next in line of importance should be family, followed by a list that includes State, job, and other matters of importance to the individual. As you see, loyalty to State ranks below Church and family and although important, and it should certainly never outrank Church (God).

As a Christian's loyalty is primarily to God and God's Word, the values of God's Word should extend to every area of his or her life, including decisions based on politics and/or State. If the moral platform of a political party does not conform to those of the Bible, it becomes a major concern to the Christian. When a voter votes for a candidate who endorses immoral values, it indicate that the voter agrees and endorses the same immoral values as the candidate. The Bible clearly indicates that by agreeing with sin you are just as guilty as the one who commits the sin. In other words, if you applaud someone who is committing a crime, you are agreeing to the fact that whatever evil he is doing is okay in your eyes? The same when voting for a political candidate.

When dealing with the issue of separation Church and State, it is evident that no matter what the constitution declares, Church and State cannot be separated. For the Christian, it is important to belong to a political party whose platform stems from biblical moral standards and to choose and vote for candidates whose values derive from those same standards.

Sometimes it is hard to notice the wolf in sheep's clothing, so the next time you see a politician walking out of Church carrying a Bible, take note of what his party values stands for and in particular if his integrity reflex moral biblical standards. A careful check of his background should provide the necessary evidence. Therefore, if his moral values go against God's Word, do not become a partaker in his sin. The Bible tells us when confronted with a decision between Life or Death; choose Life. When confronted with the Pocketbook or Morality; choose Morality, because God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Jesus said: He who comes to Me will never hunger, he who believes on Me will never thirst.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Has the Immoral Minority Overtaken the Moral Majority?

With the Presidential Election coming up, I have republished this blog in light of the times. Even after the people have voted for their candidate of choice, this article will be relevant as the people have made the decision of whose moral values they wish to follow.

Sin is a word most people hate to hear, let alone be accused of committing. The Bible declares tears do not exist in heaven, but the late Reverend Jerry Falwell must be fighting them back. The morals in today's society have plummeted to an all-time low. Has Reverend Falwell's Moral Majority army of the 1980's and 90's now become the Moral Minority? With the past several elections over, Americans selected whom they desired as their leaders. Did they vote for someone with strong moral principles, someone who would guide us with wisdom of God's Word and His will for our nation, or did they risk placing our nation in jeopardy. The voter must realize that when someone votes for a candidate, he is agreeing with that candidate's platform? In other words, the voter embraces any immoral viewpoints, which his candidate may have.

Perhaps the biggest tragedy in America is the attempt to rid God from every venue of life. Each Christmas season that evidence becomes more evident. However, a close second, is one that must bring even God to tears -- abortion. For any clear thinking individual to dare compare the tragedy of abortion to any war we fight is a tragedy in itself. What the poll show at the time of this writing is that between 65 to 70 percent of Americans agree that the issue of abortion either does not matter anymore, or a woman should have the right to abortion anytime she desires and at any age she happens to be. Moreover, the polls also show something else. What do you suppose is more important than the issue of abortion? That's right, the good old root of all evil -- the pocketbook. The candidate who can promise the most entitlements gets the cherished endorsement.

I hate to be the bearer of doom-and-gloom, but as a thinker and a realist, I no longer see a silver lining in the clouds anymore. The fringes surrounding America's future are showing right now. Today foreclosures are out of control, oil prices are gushing skyward, food prices are hard to swallow, medical cost make you sick, all the while the dollar keeps declining. Notice, the one thing we want to protect is the very item being affected -- the pocketbook.

Today's abortion issue is merely one among many moral issues that needs fixing. Throughout history, we have had watchmen like Noah, Jonah and others who warned of impending danger and the need to repent. Yet, many times the warnings were ignored, while at other times, including 9/11 and Katrina, everyone was caught off guard and by surprise. Are we living in a period of time, which is repeating the warnings of the past? Could another impending disaster be looming round the corner? Have we paddled beyond the river of no return? Is there still gold at the end of the rainbow?

These are questions we seek answers to, but another question each of us must ask ourselves -- "What matters most, my pocketbook or my morals?" Your vote will tell exactly where you stand. As I see it, if America's morals are not right, the American dream will become the American nightmare. Maybe, just maybe, Jerry Falwell and the Moral Right were right after all.