Thursday, July 13, 2017

Has the Immoral Minority Overtaken the Moral Majority?

With the Presidential Election coming up, I have republished this blog in light of the times. Even after the people have voted for their candidate of choice, this article will be relevant as the people have made the decision of whose moral values they wish to follow.

Sin is a word most people hate to hear, let alone be accused of committing. The Bible declares tears do not exist in heaven, but the late Reverend Jerry Falwell must be fighting them back. The morals in today's society have plummeted to an all-time low. Has Reverend Falwell's Moral Majority army of the 1980's and 90's now become the Moral Minority? With the past several elections over, Americans selected whom they desired as their leaders. Did they vote for someone with strong moral principles, someone who would guide us with wisdom of God's Word and His will for our nation, or did they risk placing our nation in jeopardy. The voter must realize that when someone votes for a candidate, he is agreeing with that candidate's platform? In other words, the voter embraces any immoral viewpoints, which his candidate may have.

Perhaps the biggest tragedy in America is the attempt to rid God from every venue of life. Each Christmas season that evidence becomes more evident. However, a close second, is one that must bring even God to tears -- abortion. For any clear thinking individual to dare compare the tragedy of abortion to any war we fight is a tragedy in itself. What the poll show at the time of this writing is that between 65 to 70 percent of Americans agree that the issue of abortion either does not matter anymore, or a woman should have the right to abortion anytime she desires and at any age she happens to be. Moreover, the polls also show something else. What do you suppose is more important than the issue of abortion? That's right, the good old root of all evil -- the pocketbook. The candidate who can promise the most entitlements gets the cherished endorsement.

I hate to be the bearer of doom-and-gloom, but as a thinker and a realist, I no longer see a silver lining in the clouds anymore. The fringes surrounding America's future are showing right now. Today foreclosures are out of control, oil prices are gushing skyward, food prices are hard to swallow, medical cost make you sick, all the while the dollar keeps declining. Notice, the one thing we want to protect is the very item being affected -- the pocketbook.

Today's abortion issue is merely one among many moral issues that needs fixing. Throughout history, we have had watchmen like Noah, Jonah and others who warned of impending danger and the need to repent. Yet, many times the warnings were ignored, while at other times, including 9/11 and Katrina, everyone was caught off guard and by surprise. Are we living in a period of time, which is repeating the warnings of the past? Could another impending disaster be looming round the corner? Have we paddled beyond the river of no return? Is there still gold at the end of the rainbow?

These are questions we seek answers to, but another question each of us must ask ourselves -- "What matters most, my pocketbook or my morals?" Your vote will tell exactly where you stand. As I see it, if America's morals are not right, the American dream will become the American nightmare. Maybe, just maybe, Jerry Falwell and the Moral Right were right after all.


billyjacksblog said...

I agree whole heartedly with most of what you said. I am probably a little more optimistic about what GOd may do to turn our country around. But,, overall, I think your instincts are correct. The only thing I would add is an explanation of how things got this way. As Christians, we can blame the world and the unbelievers throughout our country. We can whine and complain about there being no prayer in schools, abortion on demand, and the list goes on and on. But who does God blame for this turn of events? Do you think he blames the unbelievers? I don't! Unbelievers are doing what unbelievers are supposed to be doing. They are doing their jobs. It is Christians who are not doing theirs. Where were Christians in the 70's when humanism was sprouting wings and spreading through the ranks of the Teachers Unions? Where were Christians when our own elected officials took prayer out of the schools? Where are Christians today when the elected officials of their districts promote godlessness and humanism in the laws they pass? As long as those representatives "bring home the bacon" to their home districts, the Christians in those districts keep voting for them. It's a travesty of Biblical proportions! Keep the faith brother! I appreciate your writing!

Laila Hussein said...

Your post and Billy Jack's comment make me feel that all pious monotheistic people around the world share lots of things, even if they differ in other things.
Your feeling in this posts is also being shared by so many pious people around the world, I hope that this includes me, too.
Feeling that the world is bad but that you should have been the one who could stop it from being bad but you didn't, so the blame is on you.
Yes, indeed, and instead of fighting each other we could unite and save the world by agreeing on the most simple concepts, worship one God, pray to God, be good and stop evil.
Or in other words, even if you are not convinced that we are worshiping the same God, at least, we have the same enemy, which is Satan, so why don't we all fight him together?

George said...

Laila - I am just presenting a message. Billy Jack is right, the unbeliever is doing what he or she is suppose to be doing and the believer's voice was not loud enough when these things happened.

You are also right. Instead of fighting we should be worshipping and praying to one God to stop evil. You and I know this is not the case. Christians do not worship Allah, and Muslims do not worship Jesus and neither group worships Buddah.

Yes, Satan is the enemy. That's just the problem - man cannot defeat him. If he could, there would not be the sin in the world as we see it today.

The answer - The Bible tells us Jesus already defeated Satan at the cross, and only through Him shall the gates of hell be prevented from prevailing against us and only the new birth gives us that power. As Jesus said: We must be born again to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Anonymous said...

If the wages of sin is death, why is Satan, according to you, still alive? Show me an evil deed, and I will show you a human being who thought it up and carried it out. From the very beginning, since Adam blamed Eve and Eve blamed the serpent, and both in essence blamed God, humanity keeps looking for a scapegoat for its bad behavior. Love your neighbor as yourself. Peace.

George said...

Dear anonymous - Death caused by sin is not physical death, but spiritual death or eternal separation from God (the source of all life).

Satan is a spirit being (a fallen angel), not a human being. He separated himself from God by his own disobedience to God. As with any angel, good or bad, he cannot die, or at least we know he is still alive until the end of the thousand year reign of Christ on this earth; but we do know Satan's end will be in the lake of fire - (Revelation 20:10). Thanks for the interesting comment anonymous.

- George