Friday, April 27, 2012

How To Turn Garbage Into Rubble.

Back in the depression era, my family was barely making ends meet. With three small boys on one day bed, housed in the same room with mom and dad, made for some difficult nights. When I was, dunno, three or perhaps four, I experienced night mares quite a bit. My dad worked in a dairy and had to get up very early, and my night mares didn't help his nerves much. However, at that young age I do remember blaming the night mares on the devil. One particular night mare I recall even today, although my memory has faded quite a bit since then was of a nation in rubble. The reason I vividly recall it might be linked to the fact that it occurred more than once. Even at that time, with whatever ability of understanding I had, I felt the nation in question was America.

Today, we see America in a time of mockery and complacency, ignoring the warnings of many years gone by. No one would argue that the depression of the 30's & 40's was merely a foreshadow of what we are seeing now or about to see. Many in those days thought the German dictator was the anti-Christ and Bible scholars were in hot pursuit of connecting the dots. Howbeit, one major piece of the puzzle was missing at that time. The prophecy of the Jew returning to his/her homeland had yet to occur.

At our time in history, it is agreed to by many scholars that most of the pieces are in place and the stage is set. Much like Israel, America also had a role to play in both history and Bible prophecy. As the homeland for the Jews (God's chosen people) by whom God said He would bless the nations; God set it aside and blessed America to become a homeland for Gentiles from every nation (founded on Judeo-Christian principles) for the purpose of blessing other nations.

However, much like Israel, America became so prosperous through God's blessings that it said: "God, we don't need you anymore." "We are rich, in need of nothing." Get out of our courtrooms and sporting events. Get out of our graduating ceremonies and classrooms. Sure we believe in free speech, but don't mention God or Jesus to us or we will single you as a hate monger.

We Americans are a civilized people. We would never do anything barbaric to babies. We would never reward the guilty and tax the innocent. We would never say, "Thou shalt not kill" is offensive to anyone."We would never turn a confessed killer loose to society on a technicality. We would never allow any marriage to occur other than what has been the norm since the beginning of time. We would never give our government's taxpayer money to any group that commits voter fraud. That's just who we are, and because we are a righteous nation in our own eyes, we do not need a God to tell us what to do.

I never have zeroed in on what the rubble in those night mares were. I do know that America has a lot of excess garbage that needs to be cleaned up. But, we can always just pass that along to the next generation and let them deal with it. And if that don't work, perhaps some day the garbage will become so large it will simply turn into rubble. Dunno, just sayin.

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