Tuesday, March 6, 2018

"The Mystery of the Trinity Revealed"

    It goes without question that Christians should stay informed about events as we venture toward the end of this age. Daniel chapter 12 informs us that in the last days, knowledge will increase. While we are seeing a huge increase of knowledge in the secular world, God is also revealing much to His Church. In the book entitled, "The Mystery of the Trinity Revealed" the Trinity was revealed only when we integrated the Scripture passages from the Bible with some things from the health field technology. The result is that every question man has ever asked in the past - (or present and future for that matter) - can now be answered with validating proof. 

    Most individual churches today base their sixteen proclamations about "What We As A Church Body Believe" upon the 325AD Nicene Council doctrine of the Trinity. In any case, that 1700 year old doctrine  yielded the same mystery without revealing anything. It was a good explanation and definition of the Trinity as it lasted this long, however today we are living in a different era. Today we are living in an age of unprecedented knowledge in every field. We understand about how the birth of the infant in the womb of the mother progresses in stages, and how the blood of the infant is formed. And, through the images of ultrasound, we can even see the baby alive in the womb of its mother. These things were not available back in the days of the apostles, the Nicene Council or even 75 years ago.

   "The Mystery of the Trinity Revealed," just recently released, is destined to  enhance and change how the gospel message is preached throughout the world. It contains the full comprehensive narrative that provides realistic biblical answers to Trinity's elusive questions. The new Good News is that the Trinity is no longer the mystery it once was. Thanks to modern day technology, the Church of today can fully understand the mysterious Trinity. Even Jesus told of the time in the future that the Trinity would be revealed. In Luke 12:2 Jesus said that whatsoever was hidden or covered, would be revealed and made known. If there is one thing that was hidden from us, it was the Trinity.

   Today over three fourths of the earth's population do not believe in the Trinity. Even Islam's holy book the Koran mentions things about Jesus and the Virgin Birth. However, like Christianity's doctrine of the Trinity, that book was also written in the early centuries, way before modern technology came about. That meant they could not have known what we now know. What does this mean for three fourths of the world? If they do not believe in the Trinity, they are lost and separated from God. That no longer has to be the case since the evidence is now available and the full story told.

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