Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Yes, We Can Prove There Is A God.

You have probably encountered someone who states that "there is no God," or "If there is a God then prove it." What they fail to understand is that there are several things about God concerning the way He has chosen to prove Himself to us. If God could not be proved then chances are many who have made Jesus their Lord also would no longer believe.

The atheist and non-believer CANNOT prove or disprove God by stating "God is not real," or "I shall never believe the lie that God exists." You might want to look at my earlier blog about "An interview with Satan" to find out where that kind of thinking originates. So, exactly how does God prove Himself to us?

Most individuals understand that God is by faith; however, we must also realize that we have a free-will to choose anything in life. Faith and free-will are primary considerations in proving God. Both faith and free-will go hand-in-hand. Nevertheless, either one is worthless unless acted upon. Before Jesus paid the price for our sins, there was only one choice (Satan). Today we have another choice (Jesus). Jesus was the beginning (Founder) of what is known as the Church (Christianity). We all remain under bondage to Satan and sin until we choose Jesus who will set us free from bondage by making Him Lord.
God will not infringe upon your free-will. If you want to prove that God is real, it is not hard to do. However, you must take the first step. If God took the first step, He would infringe upon your free-will. However, when you exercise your free-will by taking the first step to ask God to make Himself real to you, this is where and how faith becomes involved. Without a desire to know if God is real, you will never find out. If you keep refusing to take the first step, you will stay at square one. But, by acting in faith, God will prove Himself to anyone who is truly sincere with a yearning heart to prove God for themselves. Try it for yourself and see.


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